You can control which pieces are public and which pieces are private. 

How to select pieces for your public profile:

Go to your account settings in the upper right-hand corner and select public settings. Click on the blue Choose which pieces to share under Public Settings. 

Scroll down to Select the pieces to show on your public page. 

Click the gray Public box on the far right of your Piece. The box will turn blue when made Public. 

Click it again to change it back to Private. 

Your changes will automatically save. 

To control what information about your pieces is public:

Click Public Settings on the left-side menu. Scroll down to Public Profile Options in the gray box and select the information you would like to show on your Public Page. Then scroll down and hit Save.

NOTE: The Piece’s title, medium, subject matter, and description will be displayed automatically if they have been previously recorded. Notes will stay private.

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