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Getting Started with Activity Logs
Getting Started with Activity Logs

Activity Logs allow you to see changes to your Artwork Archive multi-user account.

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This feature is only available on multi-user accounts.

Worried that an artwork was deleted or that a record was changed incorrectly? You can now verify those actions. Track the changes that have been made to your Artwork Archive account with the Activity feature.

To view the comprehensive Activity Log, click on Activity Log in the upper right-hand menu.

Easily find exactly what you are looking for using the filters on activity history. You can filter by date, action type, record type, and user login.

You can also view the activity on each individual record. This information is captured at the bottom of the page. For instance, on an artwork record, scroll down and you'll see the most recent activity listed below the"Delete Piece" button.

Click on "View Activity" to see the full list of changes to that artwork.

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