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How do I use my Public Page to gain exposure and make sales?
How do I use my Public Page to gain exposure and make sales?
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Share your page with your unique URL:

As soon as you activate your Public Profile, your unique URL will appear in the box under Public Settings. 

As you share your unique link, it will also start to rank highly in search results. This means when people search for your name, it will be one more search result for them to find discover your work (a great SEO boost).

Bonus: As a paid subscriber with a Public Profile, your work will be included on Discovery: a platform which directly connects you with potential buyers to increase your exposure and sales.

How do buyers contact me?

Buyers can contact you through the Message button or the Inquire button on your Public Page. These messages will be sent to the email you provided Artwork Archive where you can respond.

How do I make a sales transaction and get paid for my work on my Public Profile and/or Discovery?

You will need an external payment system to complete the transaction. The best part? Since you handle the transactions yourself, you keep all the money from the sales. If you have direct purchase links, you can add those URLs to the individual piece which will give the buyer a way to go directly to your purchase link.  

Many of the artists on Discovery are using PayPal or generating an invoice to have buyers send them a check. No matter what method you choose, you can register the sale with Artwork Archive and mark the Piece as sold.  You can also generate invoices and track all sales and contact information.

To learn more about how to create sales links for your artworks on your public profile, click here.

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