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Set Your Default Public Profile Landing Page
Set Your Default Public Profile Landing Page

Make a great first impression by choosing your Public Profile's landing page.

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When creating a Public Profile, you have the option select the initial landing page visitors encounter. Choose between your entire portfolio, curated Collections, or your About page to give viewers a unique first impression.

How to Change Your Default Profile Profile Landing Page:

  1. Navigate to My Profile on the left-hand menu from the main Pieces page

  2. Choose the Public Settings tab from the top menu

    1. Make sure you have selected Make my profile public

  3. Scroll down to Public Page Options > Display Settings

  4. Choose from the dropdown menu under Default Landing Page which page you would like viewers to see first when visiting your Public Profile

How to Preview Your Public Profile:

You can preview your Public Profile at anytime by clicking View Profile located either under My Profile on the left-hand menu or at the top right of your screen.

Note: If you would like to preview your Public Profile but want to keep it private until your are finished editing, you can add a password to protect it from being publicly accessed.

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