Depending on your Plan you have two ways to insert the Portfolio Code.

Using a Code Block

SquareSpace and Wix let you insert “Code Blocks” into your page. Use a Code Block to insert the “Universal Embed Code” that can be found by logging in to your Artwork Archive account and going here.

NOTE: In order to embed your Web Embed into Squarespace, you must be on either a Business or Commerce plan.

Helpful Links:

Embedding the HTML Page

SquareSpace, Wix and GoDaddy allow you to embed an external HTML page into your site using an HTML/Embed Block.

You will want to use your direct embed link instead of the Universal Embed Code Above

You can find your unique URL to embed here.

Please Note: In order to access your embed code and successfully embed it to your existing website, you'll need to ensure your Public Profile is activated AND the artwork and/or collection you wish to share is set to public (default is private).

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