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How do I set up my Public Profile?
How do I set up my Public Profile?
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The more complete your Public Profile is, the more effective it is at getting your work or collection the exposure it deserves.  

How to add a profile image:

Click My Profile on the left-side menu. Then click the Profile Info button at the top. You will see the area for the Profile Image and can click Choose File to choose your photo. We support JPEG and PNG files.

Then hit Save. For best results, choose a high-resolution photo of you or you with your artwork.

How to edit your About section:

Click on My Profile in the left-side menu, then select the About button in the top menu. 

Scroll down to the Biography section and fill in the information you’d like to include. You can add your Artist Statement, a Short Bio (A.K.A. an "About the Artist" blurb under your Profile Image), a link to your Resume/CV, etc. 

Need inspiration? Check out a few of our favorites: Cynthia Feustel, Sergio Gomez, and Jeanne Bessette. When you’re done, hit Save.

How to add social media links:

Click on My Profile in the left-side menu, and click on the Profile Info button at the top. Scroll down to Social Media Links. Add your social media URLs to the social media channels you would like to include. Then hit Save.

Note: URLs are different than social media usernames. Your social media URLs are the unique URLs (web addresses) attached to your social media profile pages. 

To add Facebook, for instance, go to your Facebook Profile Page by clicking on your name in the top right corner of Facebook. Copy the URL in the address bar and paste it into the Social Media Links box. 

How to link your website to your profile:

Click on My Profile in the left-side menu, and click on the Profile Info button at the top. The website section is located to the right of the Profile Image in the Profile Info section. Add in your artist website URL (Example:, then hit Save.

How to Make Your Profile Public:

Click on My Profile in the left-side menu, and click on the Public Settings button at the top. Check the box Make my profile public. Scroll down and hit Save. 

Note: You can make your Public Profile shareable, but password protected. To do so, check the box Password Protect your Public Page under Public Profile Options. Enter a secure password and hit Save. 

You can now share your profile with select patrons, galleries or clients by sharing the password with them. 

How to Add Pieces to Your Public Profile:

Click on My Profile in the left-side menu, and click on the Public Pieces button at the top. Here you can determine which Pieces to make public. 

To make a Piece public, click the gray Not Public box to the far right of your Piece. The box will turn blue when made Public. Your changes will automatically save. 

Note: Click the blue box again to change your Piece back to Private. 

You can search for specific Pieces using the Search bar above the Filters box, or narrow down the works shown by selecting Filters. You can also click the blue Make All Public button or the gray Make All Private button below Filters to automatically make your entire inventory Public or Private.

How to Choose Grid View for Your Public Profile:

By default, your pieces on your Public Profile will be displayed in "Tile" view. However, you can choose to have your pieces appear in a Grid View as well.

Click My Profile in the left-side menu, and choose Public Settings at the top. Then, scroll down to select "Grid" view under Data Settings.

Keep in mind that Grid view will have more empty space than the default "Tile" view but will preserve perfect ordering unlike the default tile view.

Tip: Did you know that you can Choose Your Default Public Profile Landing Page? Click the link to find more ways to direct viewers through your Public Profile.

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