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How to complete your Public Page on Discovery
How to complete your Public Page on Discovery

Discovery Featured Artists follow these general guidelines.

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Want to increase your exposure and make new sales without having to lift a finger? 

Discovery is a platform on Artwork Archive that showcases the amazing works and collections of the artists, collectors and organizations that have chosen to activate their Public Profile. Your Public Page can be discovered by art buyers and galleries across the world on a platform which lets interested parties contact you directly to purchase work. 

The Discovery Homepage changes daily and the Featured Artist changes weekly.

To learn more about what we look for when choosing a Discovery Featured Artist of the Week, read our general guidelines on what makes a complete profile:

Full name

When trying to establish your name in the art world, people will need to know your name! Leave no mystery by including your first and last name.

Profile picture

Your profile picture sends a message to your audience about the kind of person and art business they are about to interact with. We suggest choosing a photo of you and your artwork that looks friendly, professional, and high-quality.

Short bio

Attention spans are short these days. Give a brief description of yourself and your work to draw buyers deeper into your profile.

Social media links

Links to your social media accounts will help viewers get a deeper understanding of you and your work. Make sure the icons work when clicked on and that your linked social media accounts are up-to-date!


Your portfolio section should include high-quality images of your current and past work. Pick and choose the best artworks from your inventory to display, show important purchase details like dimensions and price, and mark which pieces have sold to garner more interest. 

TIP: Make sure photos of your work are well-lit, non-blurry, nicely cropped, or on a neutral background.


Use your About page to tell your unique story with a photo header and dedicated sections for your biography, artist statement, and CV.


Keep collectors in the loop and announce your upcoming exhibition dates, career news, events and more using our simple blogging platform.


Using Collections, buyers can view all the different series, themes or groupings of your work at a glance. Display your cohesive bodies of work to help establish your success as an artist and gives collectors ideas about coordinating pieces.

Learn how to set up or edit your Public Page here.

Take a look at some examples of past Featured Artists:

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