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Privacy & Security for Artwork Images
Privacy & Security for Artwork Images

Artwork Archive employs comprehensive security measures to protect your artwork images and related data, ensuring top privacy and security.

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The concern of longevity and security is what drove much of our decision-making process when we were creating Artwork Archive.

We are a cloud-based service that uses the highest level of encryption, industry best practices, and enterprise level security and hosting. We also made a conscious decision to give our users the ability to download and export their information at any time in multiple formats, giving you full control of your data and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can have a local copy anytime you want. 

What we do to ensure your security:

The system was initially built with data integrity in mind and we've continued to invest resources into evolving and improving those measures. We operate on fully redundant enterprise level servers and perform daily backups to ensure your information remains available when you need it.

Additionally, all communication with the site is done via encrypted HTTPS protocol which prevents anyone from being able to "snoop" on your traffic. Our database uses encryption-at-rest, so even if there was a data breach, they would not have unencrypted access to the data.

Lastly, our servers are hosted on the same infrastructure that sites like Amazon and Netflix use, with services like Salesforce and Amazon Web Services. We follow all best practice security practices and actively update our codebase and infrastructure with the latest security patches and updates.

Image Protection:

  1. Private by Default: All data you upload, including image files, is kept private by default. Only you have access to your original, full-resolution image files.

  2. Controlled Sharing: If you choose to activate your Public Profile and share selected images, Artwork Archive provides controls to help prevent unauthorized copying:

    1. Right-click and drag-and-drop download of images is disabled.

    2. Images are displayed at a limited resolution to prevent high-quality reproduction.

  3. Secure Storage: All data is stored securely and access is tightly restricted to prevent breaches.

  4. Copyright: As the creator, you maintain the copyright to your artwork images. As an additional precaution, it's always a good idea to register your copyrights.

While no solution is perfect, these methods significantly increase the difficulty of making accurate copies of your artwork images without permission.

If you have any other questions about image security or Artwork Archive's features, our support team is happy to assist you further.

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