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Artwork-Specific Expense Tracking
Artwork-Specific Expense Tracking

Keep track of material costs, framing costs, fabrication costs and more.

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Artwork Archive offers two ways to track your expenses:

  1. General Expense Tracking: Record overall business expenses (e.g., studio rent, utilities, marketing).

  2. Artwork-Specific Expense Tracking: Add individual expenses to artwork records (e.g., materials, framing, shipping).

Please note: Expense Tracking is only available for Artist Professional, Master, and all Organization accounts.

Adding an Expense to a Piece Record

From within a Piece Record

  1. Go to Artwork > select Piece Record

  2. Scroll to New Expense section

  3. Click New Expense

  4. Add information and click Save

Once an expense is added and a sale is registered, the Piece Record's Expenses section will show:

  • Total Production Costs

  • Sale Revenue

  • Revenue - Costs (Profit)

From the main Income page:

You can also add an expense for an individual artwork from the main Income page

  1. Go to Income > Revenue/Expenses

  2. Click +New Item > Expense

  3. Enter information like a Short Description, Amount, and Memo.

  4. Select the type of expense from the Category drop-down menu.

  5. If desired, record who the payment was for or from by selecting a current Contact from the drop-down menu.

  6. Select the piece from the dropdown menu.

  7. Click the blue Save button at the bottom to save your Expense or Revenue item.

  8. This expense will populate both on the main Income page AND within the individual Piece Record

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