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How to Track Individual Expenses Associated with an Artwork
How to Track Individual Expenses Associated with an Artwork

Keep track of material costs, framing costs, fabrication costs and more.

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Note: The Expense Tracking feature is only available for Artist Professional, Master, and all Organization accounts.

Tracking material costs helps you accurately price artworks and analyze profit margins.

You can easily track artwork expenses in Artwork Archive by attaching them directly to the artwork record.

How to add an individual expense to a Piece Record:

  1. Navigate to Artwork on the left-hand menu

  2. Click on the Piece Record for which you want to add an expense

  3. Scroll down to New Expense on the bottom right within the Piece Record

  4. Click New Expense

  5. Add the relevant information for your expense and then click Save

When you create a new expense record, it will be linked to the artwork and appear under the Income section of your Artwork Archive account.

Under Income > Revenue/Expenses section, you'll see:

  • Total Production Costs: The sum of all individual expenses for the artwork, including canvas, framing, fabrication, etc.

  • Sale Revenue: The amount earned from selling the artwork, minus commissions and discounts.

  • Revenue - Costs: The final profit from the sale after subtracting commissions, discounts, and material costs.

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