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Organizations: Allow Artists to Upload Works Directly to your Artwork Archive Account
Organizations: Allow Artists to Upload Works Directly to your Artwork Archive Account

How to enable artist submissions to your organization's account.

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Artwork Archive makes collaborating easy. If you have an Organization account, you can now give artists permission to upload works directly into your Artwork Archive account.

This new feature cuts down on all the back-and-forth that usually accompanies communications between artists and exhibition partners. Save time and work smarter by giving artists access to upload their works directly to your account. The process is simple and straightforward.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to granting artists access to upload artworks directly into your organization’s Artwork Archive account.

Steps for organizations:

  • Create or click into the artist’s contact record.

  • In the upper right hand field labeled “Enable Artist Submissions”, check the box entitled “Allow Piece Submissions” and create a password for the artist.

  • Save the contact by clicking the blue “Create Contact” button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Now, when you click into that artist’s contact record, you can scroll down where you will see a field entitled "Allow Uploads for this Contact," which will indicate that “Submissions for this contact are currently: ON” (as highlighted below).

  • Copy the link and password by clicking the Copy button in the lower right corner of this field.

  • Email this link and the password to the artist. Now they can click the link, enter the password and begin uploading artworks directly to your Artwork Archive account.

  • Make sure to let your artists know that, if they have their own Artwork Archive account, they should log into their account before clicking the link you've sent them, in order to further streamline the uploading process.

Steps for artists:

For artists with an Artwork Archive account:

  • If the artist has their own Artwork Archive account, they should log into their account before clicking on the "piece submission link" / URL that the organization account holder emailed them.

  • They should then click on the blue link that reads: "Upload Work Directly From Your Account," as highlighted below.

  • Once the artist has clicked this link, they can simply select artworks from their account to transfer over to the organization's Artwork Archive account, so there is no need to re-upload their artworks!

For artists without an Artwork Archive account:

  • The artist will receive the email sent by the organization (ie the Artwork Archive account holder) with the upload URL and password.

  • When the artist clicks on the link, they will be directed to a landing page where they should enter the password they’ve been given.

  • Upon successfully entering the password, the artist’s upload screen will appear and they can begin entering their artwork details and uploading images. The only field that is required is the title, but the more information the artist inputs, the better.

  • Once they are done, they should click the blue “submit piece” button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Once the artist has submitted their first artwork, that piece will be shown at the top of the page, as illustrated below.

  • The artist can also update their contact information, including their address, social media links, and biography (or CV), by clicking the blue button at the top of the page that reads “Update Contact Information.

  • The artist should let the organization know when they’ve finished uploading their artworks.

Success! Upload complete.

Now, when the organization logs into their Artwork Archive account, they will see the artworks uploaded by the artist.

NOTE: To see the artworks most recently added, the organization should sort their artwork by selecting “Date Added (recent)” in the sort field in the upper right corner of the screen (highlighted below).

And that's it! Simple.

Artwork Archive is committed to helping artists and organizations work smarter to achieve their goals. By continually improving accessibility and upgrading features, Artwork Archive makes growing any art business intuitive and collaborative.

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