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Artists: Upload artworks directly to Organizations with an Artwork Archive account.
Artists: Upload artworks directly to Organizations with an Artwork Archive account.

Save time by uploading works from your account directly into an org account.

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If you're an artist with an Artwork Archive account, working with an organization that also has an Artwork Archive account, you can upload your works directly from one account to the other.

Here's how:

  • The organization must first go into their contacts and make sure that you are listed as an artist with the option “Enable piece submissions” turned on.

  • If the organization is not sure how to enable piece submissions, they should read this help doc.

  • Once the organization has updated your artist contact record, they can easily copy the URL and password (highlighted below), which they must then email to you.

  • Note the "copy" button in the lower right-hand corner. The organization just has to click this button and the "Upload URL" and password will both be copied to their clipboard so they can easily share it with you, the artist, via email.

  • Once the organization has emailed you the URL and password, you should make sure that you are already logged into your Artwork Archive account.

  • Then, simply click on the upload URL and enter the password you’ve been given in the field as shown below.

  • Once you've successfully entered the password, you will be directed to the upload landing page.

  • Click on the blue text link that reads "Upload Work Directly From Your Account," as highlighted below.

  • Clicking that link will bring you into your own Artwork Archive account. Simply select the works you want to upload to the organization's account and click the gray “Move” button seen in the middle of the screen below.

  • Once you have moved your selected pieces to the right-hand side of the screen, click the blue “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen to finalize your upload selection.

  • Please note: once you have submitted a work, you can not retroactively edit that piece in the organization’s Artwork Archive account, so make sure all the artwork details are correct before submitting.

  • To see what works you have already uploaded, you can click refresh and those works will appear at the top of your screen, as shown below.

  • When finished, let the organization know that you’ve successfully uploaded your art!

  • Now, when the organization views your artist contact record in their own Artwork Archive account, they will also see your recent direct uploads, as shown below.

And you’re done! Collaborating has never been easier.

Artwork Archive is committed to helping artists and organizations work smarter to achieve their goals. By continually improving accessibility and upgrading features, Artwork Archive makes growing any art business intuitive and collaborative.

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