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How to Customize the Order of Artworks on your Public Profile.
How to Customize the Order of Artworks on your Public Profile.

Control how your artworks are displayed on your profile and in portfolio website embeds.

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Setting up your public profile in your Artwork Archive account is an important part of marketing your art online. When you choose to "Custom Order" your pieces in your public settings, you can manually rearrange the order of your artworks and how they are displayed on the web. To utilize this feature, follow the steps below.

  • Click into "My Profile" through the left-hand menu and then select "Public Settings," as shown below.

  • Scroll down to the drop down menu that reads "Default Piece Order for Public Profile," click on the menu and select "Custom Order."

  • Now you will see a button that reads "Customize Ordering" under the drop down field. Click that button and you will be directed to the page where you can choose how to re-order your artworks.

  • You can rearrange your artworks by either selecting a number from the drop down menu or by dragging and dropping the artwork into the desired place by clicking on the three lines to the far right of the piece.

  • The new artwork order will update automatically. To view, click "View Public Profile" at the top of the screen.

  • Please note: due to image formatting on tile view, some customization may vary when viewed on desktop.

    Customizing the order of artworks displayed on your public profile gives you more control over how your works are viewed online.

    Artwork Archive empowers artists, collectors and organizations to tell their unique stories— through art—on their public profiles and, via our universal embed feature, on their own websites.

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