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How to Create Contact Groups
How to Create Contact Groups
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With Artwork Archive, you can create Contact Groups to further organize and streamline communication with your contacts based on their relationship to your art collection or business.

How to create a Contact Group:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts page on the left-hand menu on your main dashboard

  2. Select Groups from the top of the page

  3. Click +New

  4. Give your Contact Group a Name (Ex. Galleries, Collectors, Art Festivals)

  5. Choose which Contacts you would like to include and click Move

    1. Tip: Use Filters to find Contacts more easily!

  6. Scroll to the bottom and click the blue Create Contact Group button

How to edit or delete a Contact Group:

  1. Click on Contacts in the left-hand menu on your main dashboard

  2. Click Groups from the top menu

  3. Click Edit to change the Group's name and click Save.

  4. Click Delete to delete the group permanently. 

Note: The Contact Records within the group will not be deleted.

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