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Location Tracking for Collectors
Location Tracking for Collectors

Best practices to document, manage, and organize your collection.

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Location tracking is a useful feature for all types of artwork. To find out more about general Locations you can click here.

General overview of Location Tracking:

A Location is any place your artwork is located outside of your own inventory. For example: storage, exhibitions, various inventories, etc. Collectors have the ability to create multiple locations to track and manage their collection easily and efficiently.

Assigning Pieces to Locations allows you to see where your work is and furthers the benefit of your Insights page.

View an Art Location Map within Insights:

Insights for collectors can be useful in a variety of ways providing visual documentation of your data. Within Insights, collectors are able to view an Art Location Map to visually track the artwork in their collection with ease.

Find out more about using the Art Location Map here.

Your Art Location Map is linked to Google Maps, so you are always able to get directions to visit your various locations.

NOTE: Your location record will need to have a complete address recorded in order for it to show up in the Location Map

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