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Connecting your Public Profile to your website
Connecting your Public Profile to your website

Use the Universal Embed Code to publish your public profile on your website.

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The Artwork Archive Public Profile can be installed on virtually any website using the Universal Embed Code

Before you start

You will need to be able to edit the HTML of the website you are installing the Artwork Archive portfolio on.

Universal Embed Code

To embed your Public Profile or Collections, you will paste your custom Universal Embed Code into your website on the exact page and location that you want your portfolio to appear.

Where to find it:

  1. Navigate to My Profile on the left-hand menu of your main dashboard

  2. Click the Integrations tab from the top menu

  3. Copy the Universal Embed Code for your entire portfolio or generate a code to embed a specific Collection

Please Note: In order to access your embed code and successfully embed it to your existing website, you'll need to ensure your Public Profile is activated AND the artwork and/or collection you wish to share is set to public (default is private).

*Every website is different. If you run into any issues, we recommend reaching out to your website provider for more detailed instructions.

Looking for specific directions for your platform?

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