How to create a Sales Report
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Artwork Archive can help you register, track and report on the sales from your art. 

With the sales tracking feature, you can log sales and donations along with all of the important details associated with the sale. Then you'll be able to generate a Sales Report to get an overview of your art business income for tax season and beyond.

How to create a Sales Report:

Click on Income in the left-hand menu, then click on Sales/Donations underneath. Next, click on New Reports in the top menu and select Sales/Donation Report.

You'll be redirected to Reports while your report is being generated. 

Click on Sales Report in blue in the Report column, and choose from the drop-down menu to either View, Download, Copy URL, or Share directly with a contact.

Sales Reports list the sale dates, title, values, and sale info for each piece sold, as well as your Sales Totals, including pieces sold, total price, net total, and taxes.

Sales are also broken down by Location and Buyer, so you can get a more accurate picture of your art business and use these insights to strategize for future sales.

Example Sales Report:

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