How to add a new Edition

Getting started with Editions in Artwork Archive.

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You can enter both original editions and reproduction prints in Artwork Archive. 

To enter an Edition, go to Artwork in the left-side menu, and click on Editions underneath. Then select + New Edition in the top menu.

An edition in Artwork Archive is used as a set of original works of art intended for graphic reproduction and produced by or under the supervision of the artist who designed it. These are images or casts that are produced to be multiples. 

Examples of editions: etchings, lithographs, fine art photography prints, bronze castings, etc.

You can create editions in both open and limited edition runs. Editions that you create count against your total piece count in your plan. 

For limited editions: enter the total number to be created for a limited edition and then the total number you have created thus far. You can always add more later by clicking Edit. When you are done adding all the details of the run, click "Save Edition."

For open editions: You can create open editions up to 1000 artworks. You can add and subtract editions to this set as you please. 

Editions will count toward your Artwork Archive "Piece" count and have the same functionality of an original artwork. 

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