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Help your community find the artworks in your collection with an interactive map view on Artwork Archive's Public Profile.

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**This feature is available only on Organization Account Plans.

Artwork Archive's Interactive Map for organizations makes it possible to display your art collection around the world through a map view. Viewers can explore your artworks from different locations, public art installations, and experience your artwork in a more immersive way.

Getting Started:

To turn your Interactive Map View on, first, make sure your public profile is set up. Artworks that have a current location assigned to them will show up on the Interactive Map.

Then, navigate to the Public Settings tab under "My Profile" on the left-hand menu.

Under Public Location Settings check both the "Show the pieces current location" and "show Interactive Map on your Profile"

Your new settings will automatically save.

To view your map, navigate back to the public view of your profile by going to "view profile" on the left-hand menu.

You will see there are dots on the map where your artworks are located. There will be a number of how many works are located within that location.

To see more detail about the artworks at each location, click on the dots.

If there are multiple works within that region, you will see additional dots. Keep drilling down until you see a blue location arrow. When you click the blue location arrow you will see an artwork card with information about that artwork, including an image, name of artist, year, dimensions, and the current location.

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