In Artwork Archive, you can create QR codes for two different uses.

You can create QR codes for your own inventory purposes with QR Code Internal Links which will lead back to your private artwork records when scanned (must be logged in).

You can also create QR Code Public Page Links that will provide the public, a gallery, or a potential buyer with more information about the artwork when scanned. These links lead back to the public page of your artwork and can be scanned by anyone with the QR code.

To generate a QR code:

Click "Artwork">"Pieces" in the left-hand menu.

Click “New Report.”

Select “QR Code Labels” from the drop-down menu.

Choose the information to include on the label from Label Options (this will be printed on the label next to the QR code).

Select if your QR Code will link to your public profile or be for internal use under "QR Code Options."

Click the artworks to include from the piece picker, select "move" to move them to the right column. NOTE: Your works must be first marked as "public" if you wish to create a QR Public Link for them.

Click "generate" at the bottom of the screen.

Your new QR Code Labels will show up in your "Reports" tab on the left-hand menu.

Click the down arrow next to the name of the report to choose view or print.

Labels will print on the Avery 5163 label template (10 per page).

*NOTE: QR Codes are available on Artist Master Accounts, Collector Premier, and all Organizational accounts. You can change your plan type here.

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