Artwork Archive creates art inventory management software for airports, hospitals, universities, museums, municipalities, law firms, corporate companies and other organizations to manage their corporate art collections. Whether you 50 artworks or 5,000, there is a solution for how to track and organize your collection.

What will we learn in this video?

• Why a cloud-based inventory system like Artwork Archive ensures that you will preserve your data and maintain the highest level of security.

• How you can save thousands of dollars annually by switching to an affordable program like Artwork Archive.

• How to save hours by creating detailed and professional reports with a few clicks of a button.

• That each account comes with a free, one-time data import in which we’ll take your data and securely import it into our system.

• An overview of the tools to track your collection’s maintenance.

• How to integrate your inventory on Artwork Archive with your own website.

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