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What are Exhibition Groups/Rooms?

Curate an experience for the viewers of your Exhibition. Learn how to categorize the artworks within your exhibit.

Updated over a week ago

Exhibition Groups/Rooms are a part of the Exhibitions tool within Organization plans.

You can use Exhibition Groups/Rooms to categorize the artworks in the exhibition. You can break your Exhibition into curated groups or thematic sections -- much like you would with a physical space. For instance, one room may be devoted to paintings whereas another room may showcase sculptures.

Exhibition Groups/Rooms are optional and can be created to fit your Exhibition’s needs. Consider the Description for each Exhibition Group/Room as the didactic text that you may display at the entrance of each gallery space.

Once you have created the groups, you can assign the artworks in the exhibition to any of the groups using the dropdown.

These Exhibition Groups/Rooms can be used to organize the layout of your Exhibition. They are also viewable on the Public Profile Page. Those visiting the Exhibition on the Public Profile will be able to view the various Rooms in your exhibit.

On the Exhibition page, they can view all Artworks, or view by Artist or Room. When they click “Rooms,” they’ll see the names and descriptions you’ve included, along with the artworks in each.

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