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What is the difference between Exhibitions and Exhibition History?
What is the difference between Exhibitions and Exhibition History?

Within Organization accounts you have the ability to create Exhibitions and also record the Exhibition History for each individual artwork.

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Within Organization accounts, Exhibitions and Exhibition History are two separate sections of the account. Learn how to use both.


Organization plans have an Exhibitions tool to manage on-site, traveling, and online exhibitions produced by their own institutions. Exhibitions archive and share all of the important details about an exhibit like works included, images, dates, fees, contact details, etc.

Exhibition History

Exhibition History is recorded at the Piece level. On the artwork's Piece page, you can track the exhibitions of which it was a part—before it was in your possession and during. You can track if the work was on loan to another institution. All of this contributes to the Provenance of the artwork.

Exhibitions is synced to Exhibition History.

When you create an Exhibition and assign artworks to it, the account will automatically create an Exhibition Record for the pieces included in the show.

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