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How to generate a Consignment Report
How to generate a Consignment Report
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Click on Locations in the left-side menu. Select the Location for which you want to create a Consignment Report. 

Click on the gray New Reports button and select Consignment Report from the drop-down menu. 

Fill out the information you’d like to include and click Generate Report. You will be redirected to Reports. Click on Consignment Report or the Download arrow to open a PDF. Then, you can provide your galleries with a comprehensive, polished report, so you both know the information associated with the consignment.

NOTE: Consignment reports are only available once you have assigned inventory to a location. 

If you want a Location Contact associated with a Consignment Report, click on Contacts in the left-side menu. Then click Edit above the Contact. There you can set their Location Relation by selecting the Location from the drop down menu. 

Example Consignment Report:

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