Note: This feature is only available on Organization Accounts

To get started:

Select Contacts from the left-hand menu. 

Find the contact you wish to update and click Edit from the main Contact list or the individual Contact page.  If the Contact is not already in your account click "New Contact" to add them and continue to the "Set Permissions" instructions below.

To set permissions for that contact:

After clicking "Edit" or "New Contact" find the Enable Artist Submission section and click Allow Piece Submissions.

Enter a password that the artist will use to submit their artwork to your page under Submission Page Password.

Click Update Contact.

To give the artist access to the upload page, 

The artist will need both the private link to their Artist Submission page as well as the password to submit work or update their contact information.

View that Contact's individual page and scroll to the bottom. You'll see a section called "Allow Submissions for this Contact".  Copy the Upload URL and Upload Password using the Copy button and share it with your artist by pasting it (Ctrl+V or Command+V on Mac) into an email or other form of messaging.

When the artist visits this page they will enter the password you shared with them to gain access.  Note that each Artist will have a unique link and password for their Upload Page.

When they enter the password they will be brought to a page like the one below where they can update basic contact information and enter their artwork information and images one work at a time. 

After they enter their information they will press Submit. 

This action is final on their end and they cannot edit their works once submitted. 

Once they have clicked Submit Piece on their end, their works will show up in their contact record as well as in your main Artwork view.

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