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Can I edit an invoice once it has been sent?
Can I edit an invoice once it has been sent?

Hit send too soon? Here's how to edit an invoice after you've already sent it to your client.

Updated over a week ago

It happens to the best of us. You just made a sale and got a little over-excited to send out an invoice right away. Only you realize you made a mistake on the invoice ... after you hit send. Don't worry!

You can edit the invoice on Artwork Archive's end and it will automatically update for your client.

To update an online invoice:

  1. To find your invoice go to Income > Invoices

  2. Click the invoice number or "view."

  3. Click "Edit invoice" at the top of the invoice.

4. Make any edits you need on the invoice.

5. Click "save" at the bottom of the invoice.

That's it! If you are using a web invoice or URL, the invoice will update automatically. If your client currently has the invoice open, they may need to refresh the page to see the updates.

To edit a PDF invoice

In order to update a PDF invoice, you will need to make the edits on the invoice as described above and resend the PDF by clicking "Send Invoice" and selecting "Generate Invoice PDF".

Finally, let your client know that you made changes to the invoice.

Clear communication is the cornerstone of strong client relationships. If you make a change to an invoice after you have already sent it, let your client know what changes you have made when you send it off.

Have more questions? You can always send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon at the bottom right-hand corner of any Artwork Archive page. Our team is happy to help!

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