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Can I customize my invoice template?

Send out branded invoices to your clients.

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You want your invoices to reflect your brand. But, you don't want to create them from scratch every time. That's why we made it easy to add your logo or headshot, and a customized header to your Invoices.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Upload a profile image or logo by going to My Profile on the left-hand navigation and then Profile Info.

  2. Here, you can upload a bio photo and logo. Then, click "save".

  3. By default, if you have both a bio photo and a logo, the logo will be applied to the online invoicing and invoicing urls.

To add a header image for a PDF invoice:

For PDF invoices, you can add a custom letterhead.

  1. Upload your header image by going to My Profile on the left-hand navigation and then Profile Info.

  2. Upload your letterhead. Artwork Archive Tip: The recommended header image size for all reports, including invoices, is 1600px by 300px

3. Create your invoice.

4. When you go to send you invoice, you will see an option to send as a PDF.

5. Clicking "Generate Invoice PDF" will bring up these options for your invoice customization. Select the options you would like to use in your invoice by clicking the buttons next to the options.

If you select logo, your invoice will look similar to the example below.

If you upload a header image, your invoice will look something like the image below.

Set Default Invoice Notes

You can also set default invoice notes to appear on every invoice like copyright or payment information. Navigate to "Account" > "Set Default Invoice Notes"

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