To make a Collection of art public, make sure that your Public Profile is set to display Collections.

To make collections public:

  • Go to My Profile

  • Click Public Settings

  • Under Public Profile Options is the option to “Show collections.” Check this box.

To make a specific Collection public

  • Go to Public Pieces in your My Profile.

  • Filter for a Collection with the dropdown filter menu in your Public Pieces. When you select a Collection, click the button that says “Make all works public.”

How to hide the collection name from your public profile (but not the artworks)

Say you want the artworks within a Collection to be public, but don’t want a Collection to show up on your Public Profile.

Here's what to do:

  • Click into your Collections tab under Pieces

  • Click “edit” on a Collection.

  • Check the box that says “Hide collection name on public profile (pieces in the collection can still be public)”.

If you check this box, your works will still appear on your Public Profile if you have marked them as public, but they will not appear again within the Collection you are hiding.

You can hide a Collection from your Public Profile if you use Collections for your own internal management and don’t want viewers to see Collections made up of artwork submissions or in-progress works.

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