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Custom Ordering Artworks in Private Rooms
Custom Ordering Artworks in Private Rooms

Customize the ordering of your artworks in Private Rooms.

Updated over a week ago

Our Private Rooms feature includes the option to "Custom Order" your pieces, allowing you to manually rearrange the order of your artworks.

How to Custom Order Artworks:

  1. Click into the Private Room you'd like to customize the artwork order for.

  2. Choose one of the following methods to access the Custom Ordering feature:

    1. Click the "Customize Ordering" shortcut from the top menu, or

    2. Click "Edit" on the Private Room, then select "Custom Order" from the "Custom Ordering and Piece Sort Options" dropdown in the room details.

  3. Use the piece picker to select the works to be included in the Private Room.

  4. Ensure the "Published" box is checked, then click "Save Room."

  5. On the next page, customize the order of your artworks by either:

    1. Selecting the desired order number from the dropdown menu next to each artwork, or

  6. Clicking on the three lines to the right of an artwork and dragging it to the desired position. Your choices will be automatically updated and saved.

  7. Preview the room by clicking Public View at the top of the screen

  8. Alternatively, Back to Rooms will bring you to your Private Rooms overview page, where you can then share your curated Private Room with your contacts.

  9. For additional editing options, click on the "Actions" dropdown menu from the main Private Rooms page.

  10. To share your Private Room:

    1. Copy the URL to share the Private Room outside of Artwork Archive, such as in an email.

    2. Add your Artwork Archive contacts or enter email addresses in the share dialog box to send them the URL directly.

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