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Attaching Files to an Artwork Record
How to Add Publication History to an Artwork Record
How to Add Publication History to an Artwork Record

Keep a detailed account of press mentions and other texts about your artwork.

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Keeping track of all the published texts about an artwork is an important part of establishing provenance and can increase the value of an artwork over time. By utilizing Artwork Archive's Publication History feature, you'll never misplace an important essay, press mention, or exhibition review ever again.

Here's how to add publication details to an artwork record:

  • Click into the artwork record and scroll down to "Publication History."

  • Click on "New Publication Record."

  • After clicking the blue hyperlink, you will be directed to a screen where you can enter details of the publication, such as the author's name, the article's name, etc.

  • It's recommended to scan printed articles and save them as PDFs, and to always save online articles as PDFs. Upload the PDF by clicking on "Choose File" in the Publication Document field.

  • When you are done entering all of the publication information, click Save.

  • Now you will see the publication listed in the artwork record under Publication History.

  • Artwork Archive automatically generates the information in keeping with the citation standards outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style.

  • Once entered in an artwork record, you can add an artwork's publication history to a variety of Artwork Archive reports, such as Portfolio Pages.

Archiving critical texts and other publications are an important part of documenting an artwork's lifecycle, provenance, and cultural footprint.

Artwork Archive makes it simple to compile, organize, and share this information, so your artistic legacy is properly documented and preserved.

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