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Embedding an Art Location Map Onto Your Website (for Organizations)
Embedding an Art Location Map Onto Your Website (for Organizations)

Drive engagement with an interactive map on your website. Learn how to sync your Artwork Archive Public Profile map to your website.

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*The Art Collection Map is only available to those on Organization plans.*

Include an interactive map of your art collection on your website – synced from your Artwork Archive account. The interactive map includes artwork imagery, details, location addresses and Google Map directions to drive traffic to your sites.

The artwork locations you have entered in your Artwork Archive account can be displayed on virtually any website using an embed code. Here' how:

To display an artwork's location on a map, you must first enter an address or GPS coordinates on the artwork's Piece record. If you need a refresh, check out this Help Doc on how to assign a location to an artwork.

You can find your Map embed code by going to "My Profile" on the left-hand menu. Click Integrations and select the exhibition you want to embed from the drop-down menu "Embed an Art Collection Map."

Before you start:
You will need to be able to edit the HTML of the website you are installing the Artwork Archive collection on.

Art Collection Map embed code:
You will find the embed code for your map by selecting it from the drop down on

Copy and paste the JavaScript embed code which loads and displays the Artwork Archive map on your site–typically where you want to display your map.

Please note that every website is different. If you run into any issues or have any questions, please contact us either in the chat box or at

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