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How to set up your Public Profile (for Organizations)
How to set up your Public Profile (for Organizations)

Everything Organization accounts need to know about creating a Public Profile.

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Art organizations who want to use the Public Profile feature have a range of options to create their own vision of a publicly linked page. You can explore other art organizations on our Discovery Page, using keywords such as Gallery, Collection, University and Public Art.

With Public Profile, you can showcase particular Collections, Exhibitions, Artist profiles, and include an About section, Interactive Map and a News feed similar to a blog.

We've outlined the benefits of creating a Public Profile here.

Let's start with the basics for turning on your Public Profile.

How to make your Profile public:

By default, all of the information in your account is private. However, you can choose to share the work in your collection with a general audience using the Public Profile. If you prefer to share your collection privately, you can also create Private Rooms.

To make your Organizational Profile public, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on My Profile in the left-side menu

  2. Click on the Public Settings tab at the top.

  3. Check the box Make my profile public.

  4. Scroll down and hit Save.

Note: You can also make your Public Profile shareable, but password protected. The password protected option is perfect for arts organizations that only want to make their Public Profile accessible to a select network - like staff of a corporation or hospital. To do so, check the box Password Protect your Public Page under Public Page Options. Enter a secure password and hit Save.

If you are looking to change your Artwork Archive Public URL, find out how to do that here.

How to specify pieces in your collection as public or private:

You can choose to make your entire collection public, or specify particular pieces. to make visible on your Public Profile.

  1. Click on My Profile in the left-side menu

  2. Click on the Public Pieces tab at the top.

  3. Scroll down to choose which pieces you would like to be made public.

    1. To make your entire collection public, choose Make All Public.

    2. To make individual pieces public, click the box to the far right of your Piece. The box will turn blue when made Public, and gray when not public. Your changes will automatically save.

    3. You can also change a piece's public status within the Piece record as shown below.

How to add a Logo, Profile Image and Profile Footer:

You can personalize your Public Profile with your branding.

  1. Click My Profile on the left-side menu of your main dashboard.

  2. Then click the Profile Info tab at the top. You will then see the area where you can include a Profile Image, Logo and Profile Footer.

  3. Click Choose File to choose your Profile Image. We support JPEG and PNG files.

  4. Then click Save.

    • For best results, choose a high-resolution photo. You have the ability to use your logo or profile image as the footer on Reports as needed.

Your Profile Footer can be used for additional educational information that you want viewers to see at the bottom of every page. Here, you can add copyright or institutional information, links, or a brief statement.

Footer example: Temiskaming Art Gallery.

Note: All information will be centered at the bottom of the Public Profile.

View your Public Profile:

You can view your Public Profile anytime by selecting My Profile within your account, and clicking View Profile. This will open a new window with the Public View of your Public Profile.

Explore Artwork Archive Organizational video tutorials here!

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