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Introducing Private Rooms 2.0
Introducing Private Rooms 2.0

We've updated our popular Private Rooms feature to accelerate online sales and streamline communications. Find out what's new.

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Artists, art dealers, galleries and organizations can now create “private online viewing rooms” of artworks, share them with a client or prospective buyer, and receive direct feedback on individual pieces, as well as track communications about specific artworks— all from the same platform.

The Private Rooms feature is available to Artist Professional and Master accounts, Collector Plus and Premier accounts, and all Organization accounts. For a general overview of how to get started with Private Rooms, please click here.

Now, when you create and publish a private room, you'll notice the heart and chat icons in the upper right hand corner of each artwork image.

When you click into an artwork, there are now "favorite" and "message" buttons to the right of the artwork image.

When you share the Private Room with your prospective buyer, they will also see these icons, as shown below.

In order to "favorite" or send a message about an artwork, the recipient of the Private Room link will need to verify their name and email address by entering these details in the pop-up window when prompted.

The system will then send them an email to confirm their email address, thereby allowing them to add and view favorites and messages within the private room.

Please note, the link shared is only valid for 30 days.

If after this period ends a recipient has not been verified, you will need to resend the link to enable favoriting and messaging.

When an artwork is favorited, the heart icon will change from white to red.

As the sender of the private room, you will receive hourly updates on who has favorited what artwork. These updates will be sent to your Artwork Archive inbox, which can be auto-forwarded to your main email account.

To track your clients' engagement, click into the Private Rooms tab and click on the “Favorites” link above each room to see a list of who has favorited what artwork and when. If you don't see the Favorites or Messages links, that means the private room has yet to be favorited or receive any messages.

You can also see their comments on each artwork by clicking on the messages icon. These messages will also appear in your Artwork Archive inbox.

The recipient of the private room link can also return to the private room and see their favorites and messages by clicking in the top right-hand corner.

Sent messages will appear in the viewer's Messages log until the recipient of the message has deleted it from their Artwork Archive inbox.

Private Rooms 2.0 takes the guesswork out of client and partner correspondence by streamlining communications and giving your customers — and their representatives — an integrated means of direct feedback on individual artworks.

The Private Rooms 2.0 feature is optional. To learn how to disable this feature, please click here.

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