Present an Invoice to ensure a professional experience for your clients and to make sure you get paid. 

There are two ways to create Invoices in Artwork Archive. 

Note: To create an Invoice, the Piece must be marked as Sold to one of your Contacts. 

Option 1:

Click on Artwork in the left-side menu, select the Piece for which you'd like to create an invoice, and then click Sale Details in blue under the Sale Info section. 

From there, click Invoice at the top. Enter in the sales information, then click the blue Generate Invoice button.

Option 2:

Click on Income in the left-side menu, then click on Sales/Donations underneath. Click on the Piece for which you'd like to create an Invoice. Click on Invoice at the top.

Choose Invoice from the drop-down.

Select the Piece to include on the Invoice by clicking the box under Include on the left of the work. 

Note: All Pieces sold to this Contact will appear in the Include column. You can include these Pieces on the Invoice for this client by selecting them from the list. 

Then, enter the tax, shipping, anything they have paid thus far, and the invoice title and click Generate Invoice. 

You will be redirected to Reports. Click on the Invoice in the Report column to View, Download, Copy URL, or Share directly with your client. Or, click the Pencil icon on the right to edit your Report. 

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