How to add proofs to Reproductions
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How to add proofs to Reproductions:

Click on Artwork in the left-side menu, then click on Runs/Reproductions in the top menu. Select the Run for which you want to add a proof. 

Then click on Add Works in the top menu. A box will appear where you can type in the number of proofs you want to add. Then click on the box "New works are proofs" next to the number field, and hit the blue Add button.

View all of your proofs for that Run by clicking the Proofs button next to the Run image. 

You can edit individual Proofs by clicking on the pencil icon to the right. 

There you will be able to change the inventory number, price and wholesale price, and add any notes pertaining to the Proof. Click the blue Save button when finished.

To add an image for the Proof, click on Details in blue to the right of the Proof, then the Choose a File button to upload an image.

To delete a Proof, click on the trash can icon to the right side of the Proof.

To register a sale of your Proof, click on Register a Sale in blue. Enter in the sale details and click Save.

If you are donating a Proof, record it by clicking on Donate in blue to the right of the Proof. 

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