We do imports on a daily basis since it can be a real time saver. 

A one-time* import is available in select Artwork Archive plans: Artist Master, Collector Premier, and in all Organization plans.

Once you subscribe to one of those plans, contact us through chat (the chat box icon is located on the lower right-hand side of your screen) or by email—info@artworkarchive.com. We'll then send you the import template that we use for getting data into the system.  

If you're moving from another database or an Excel document of your own, you'd copy and paste the information into our template. The spreadsheet matches to the fields you'll find in your Artwork Archive account—title, medium, creation date, etc. 

In the event you have information that doesn't fit into one of the columns, you can use the Notes field as it's our catchall and is a fully searchable field.

Want to include images in the import?
If you happen to have your images stored online (Dropbox, One drive or your own website), we can import those as well and you can just include their URL in the IMAGE URL column.

*If you'd like to make additional imports after your initial import, we charge per additional import. The cost is $50-$100 per import, depending on the complexity.

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