How to import data into your account

Moving from another system? Have your information in a spreadsheet? We can get that info into your account for you!

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We do imports on a daily basis and it's actually a free one time service for the following account types:

  • Artist Master

  • Collector Premier

  • All Organization levels

*We're also able to offer the service to all other plans for an additional fee.

How it works:

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1. Subscribe to a plan and contact us for the pre-made import template

  • You can contact us through chat (the chat box icon is located on the lower right-hand side of your screen) or by email—

2. Fill in the import template with your own data and information

  • If you're moving from another database or an Excel document of your own, you'd copy and paste the information into our pre-made template. The spreadsheet matches to the fields you'll find in your Artwork Archive account—title, medium, creation date, etc.

    • The ONLY field that is required is the Piece Name field (Title) so don't feel compelled to fill out all columns if you don't happen to have that information.

    • In the event you have information that doesn't fit into one of the columns, you can use the Notes field as it's our catchall and is a fully searchable field.

    • Regarding Images: If you happen to have your images stored online (Dropbox, One Drive or your own website), we can import those as well and you can just include their URL in the IMAGE URL column. If you are including image links, PLEASE make sure to send us a sample link in advance so we can make sure it's the correct format.

    • If you do not have your images online, you can add the name of the image file (example: IMG234.jpg) in the Image URL column on the template, and give us access to the folder you have the images stored (this must be a single image folder and not a folder with subfolders). If you have more than one image or attachment, please separate them with a | (pipe symbol).

    • Three more quick things:

      • Please note the gray helper text at the top of many of the columns

      • Please do not delete or reorder any columns as the order is important to our import process.

      • We do NOT support Google Drive links at this time as they recently placed a limit on exports

3. Send us your template to review

  • Once you've completed filling out the import template with your information, send it back to us either through the chat or email and we'll take a look and follow up with any questions.

4. Your information is added to your account!

The cost for additional imports is $50-$100 per import, depending on the complexity.

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