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Getting started with Private Rooms
Getting started with Private Rooms

Create a virtual gallery of your collection curated exclusively for your clients with Private Rooms.

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Coordinating with clients, appraisers, or art insurers online can be challenging. That's where Private Rooms come in – a feature designed to help you easily prepare and share online viewing rooms exclusively with your contacts.

Private Rooms are a premium feature available on the following plans:

Professional/Master Artist accounts

Plus/Premier Collector accounts

All Organization plans

Create a Private Room:

  1. Navigate to Private Rooms under the Artwork menu on the left-hand side.

  2. Click New to create a new private room.

  3. Enter a title for your room under Name and provide details about the artworks you're sharing in the Description field.

  4. Choose any additional details you'd like to share like price or status.

  5. (Optional) Add a passphrase under Privacy Settings to protect your collection behind a key phrase that you share with your client.

  6. Scroll down to select the artworks you want to include in the Private Room.

    1. You can filter by Collections, medium, status, tags and more.

  7. Click the desired works and then click Add to add them to the private room.

  8. Once all your selected works are in the Selected Pieces column, click Create Room.

  9. To make your private room shareable, ensure that Published is selected in the private room settings.

  10. To share your work, click Share from the Private Room's details (click Dashboard if you're in the gallery view).

  11. Add your contacts from Artwork Archive or enter email addresses in the share dialog box to send them the URL to your curated room.

When a Private Room is 'Published', it is shareable but still private and not available to anyone without the URL. When a room is 'Unpublished', you won't be able to copy, paste, or share the Private Room's URL until it is marked as 'Published'.

There is no limit to the number of private rooms that can be created when subscribed to one of the aforementioned plans. Upgrade your plan to unlock this feature.

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