The free data import is an import of any Pieces or Contacts you may have stored on your computer or other programs that you wish to add to Artwork Archive.

We recommend importing all the pieces you have the data on so you can start building a full history of your work. You can import any contacts you wish and we recommend importing everyone that is related to your art and your career in any way.

If interested, simply reach out to our team via chat and ask for our pre-made Import Template. Once you receive the template, you'll be able to fill it with your own data. Then, once you're subscribed, you can send the template back to our team and we will import your data in your account for you!

We offer a one-time free data import to our Master users. 

Our charge for additional imports ranges from $50 - $100 per import depending on the size and "cleanliness" of the data.

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