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Artwork Archive Account Types
Artwork Archive Account Types

A guide to help you choose the right Artwork Archive plan by outlining features and pricing across different account types.

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Artwork Archive offers a range of account types tailored to the needs of artists, collectors, art professionals and organizations. Each account type comes with a set of features and pricing options to suit different requirements and collection sizes.

The best part? You can try any of these account types for free with our 14-day trial, no credit card required.

Artist Account Types

Artist accounts are designed for individual artists who create and manage their own artwork. These accounts are perfect for:

  • Artists

  • Artist estates

  • Art students and recent graduates (Ask about our educational discount!)


Perfect for early-career artists looking to get organized, manage their growing career and establish and online presence.


Ideal for artists looking to manage sales and expenses and share their work both publicly and privately with clients and collectors.


Designed for mid-career and established artists with extensive inventories and advanced management needs.

  • Unlimited Piece Records

  • Unlimited Locations

  • 3 User Logins

  • Includes everything in the Professional Plan

  • Additional features: Free Data Import

  • Pricing: $24/month (annually) or $28/month (monthly)

Collector Account Types

Collector accounts are ideal for individuals, families or small estates looking to organize and manage their private and publicly owned collections.

  • Private art collectors

  • Art enthusiasts and patrons

  • Art investors and advisors

  • Family offices and wealth managers

  • Estate managers and executors


Suitable for individuals with small art collections who want to catalog and track their pieces.


Great for collectors looking to organize, manage and showcase their growing collections.

  • 500 Piece Records

  • 50 Locations

  • Single User Login

  • Includes everything in the Starter Plan

  • Additional features: Private Rooms, Integrations + Embed, Payment Processing, Document Storage

  • Pricing: $16/month (annually) or $19/month (monthly)


Perfect for collectors seeking advanced features, unlimited storage, and multi-user access.

  • Unlimited Piece Records

  • Unlimited Locations

  • 3 User Logins

  • Includes everything in the Plus Plan

  • Additional features: Free Data Import (CSV or Excel)

  • Pricing: $24/month (annually) or $28/month (monthly)

Organization Account Types

Organization accounts are designed for collections, institutions, businesses, and groups that manage, acquire, loan, sell or showcase artworks as part of their operations. These accounts are perfect for:

  1. Museums and cultural institutions

  2. Academic institutions

  3. Public art programs

  4. Non-profit art organizations and foundations

  5. Corporate art collections

  6. Art galleries, dealers and consultancy firms

  7. Hospitals art collections

  8. Airport art collections

*Did you know? We offer free personalized demos of our Organization account.


Ideal for smaller collections with modest inventory and basic management needs.

  • 500 Piece Records

  • 50 Locations + Sub Locations

  • 3 User Logins

  • Pricing: $29/month (annually) or $34/month (monthly)


Designed for organizations with sizable collections requiring multiple user access and advanced tracking features.

  • 1000 Piece Records

  • 100 Locations + Sub Locations

  • 5 User Logins

  • Everything in the Standard Plan

  • Pricing: $59/month (annually) or $69/month (monthly)


Perfect for large institutions, corporations, or foundations managing extensive collections and needing unlimited storage and user access.

  • Unlimited Piece Records

  • Unlimited Locations + Sub Locations

  • 10 User Logins

  • Everything in the Plus Plan

  • Pricing: $139/month (annually) or $162/month (monthly)

All Organization account types include the following features:

  • Integrated CRM

  • Sales/Donation Tracking

  • Online Invoicing

  • Daily Backups

  • Appraisal Tracking

  • Maintenance Records

  • Exhibitions (Create virtual exhibits, manage exhibitions, and track past shows)

  • Document Storage

  • Integrations + Embed

  • Expense Tracking

  • Payment Processing (PayPal integration for invoice payments)

  • Private Rooms

  • QR Codes

  • Edition/Print Tracking

  • Priority Support

  • Safe and secure

Get Started Today

Artwork Archive offers a 14-day free trial for all plans, with no credit card required. The main differences between account types lie in the number of pieces and locations allowed, the number of users supported, and the availability of advanced features such as income/expense tracking, Private Rooms, integrations, payment processing, document storage, and free data import.

Choose the account type that best fits your needs and scale up as your career or collection grows. If you have any questions or need assistance selecting the right plan, feel free to reach out to our support team for guidance.

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