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How do I export data out of Artwork Archive?
How do I download and save an image to my desktop?
How do I download and save an image to my desktop?
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In Artwork Archive, you can upload and store high resolution images of your artwork directly to your Piece Records. Once uploaded into your account, you are able to access and download those Original Images Files at any time.


  • Resolution: At least 3000 on the smaller side (For example: 3000x4000 or 4000x3000)

  • File Formats: JPG and PNG tend to work best

  • File size: We can support image file sizes up to 30MB.

Where to find your Original Image Files:

  1. Click Artwork in the left-hand menu

  2. Click into the Piece Record where the image you would like to download is located

  3. Scroll to find the Original Image Files link at the bottom left of the record

  4. Click Original Image Files to reveal images available to download or share

  5. Click Actions to immediately View, Download, Copy URL or Share

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