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Where can I find my purchase requests on Artwork Archive?
Where can I find my purchase requests on Artwork Archive?
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Creating an Invoice from a Purchase Request

You can receive purchase requests from interested buyers through Artwork Archive's Public Profile, Private Rooms, or Embed. You will get notifications for Purchase Requests in your Inbox in the left-hand menu or under your account profile.

You can also find all of your past and present Purchase Requests by going to Invoices > Purchase Requests. Here you can filter by client or payment status as well as sort in the upper right-hand corner by invoice due date, invoice number, or due date.

How to create an invoice from a Purchase Request

  1. Click to your inbox from the left-hand menu, under your account profile, or through Invoices > Purchase Requests at the top of the Invoice page. You will find all your current and past Purchase Requests there.

  2. Click on the message from the interested buyer by clicking the blue text.

3. Here, you can see the details of the artwork that they are interested in purchasing, along with a message from them. You can either reply to their message or create an invoice here (or both).

4. When you click "Create Invoice", you will be prompted to save that contact in the system. You will need to click "next" in order to generate the invoice.

5. Once you've clicked "next," you can enter in the information for your Invoice such as dates, notes to the buyer, shipping costs or edit the sale to add a discount.

6. Hit "Save Invoice"

7. After you click "save" you will see a new screen with the options to edit, preview, or send your invoice. From here, you can also turn on the options to allow for PayPal Payments through invoicing and to allow for Partial Payments.

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How do I edit an invoice after I hit send?

PLEASE NOTE: PayPal Processing is a Premium Feature and not available on Artist Apprentice or Collector Starter accounts. You can upgrade your account at any time by going to "Account" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen—or by clicking here.

Have more questions? You can always send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon at the bottom right-hand corner of any Artwork Archive page. Our team is happy to help!

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