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Can I use other types of payments other than PayPal?
Can I use other types of payments other than PayPal?

Why Artwork Archive integrated with Paypal on the invoice feature and how you can be paid with or without it.

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Can I use other types of payments other than PayPal?

The Artwork Archive invoicing feature gives you the option of using Paypal as a payment method for your sold works. If your buyer pays you through the Paypal option on your invoice, they can either use a credit card or their Paypal account. Your payment will be processed through the Paypal system.

Using the Paypal option on your invoice allows the Artwork Archive system to automatically update the status of your invoice, pending, partial payment, paid. Your invoice status will update when your buyer goes through your Paypal link on your invoice to pay you.

Why Paypal?

Artwork Archive uses PayPal as a payment option, because of their reputation, track record and because they have fees that are equal to or lower than most other options.

Most if not all platforms have a 2.9% + 30 cent processing fee for processing online payments.

Below are a few examples:

Etsy 5% + 3%+25c

Shopify - Monthly fee + 2.9% +30c

Square - 2.9% +30c

Venmo is 3% for cc

Squarespace 3%

Artwork Archive will never charge you a commission or processing fee. We offer Paypal as an invoice integration to give you a choice to have your buyers automatically pay you through your invoice.

Are there any other integrated payment options?

As the invoicing feature is new, we are still gathering user feedback to improve your experience. At this time, there is not another integrated payment option.

Using a payment integration ensures that you will be paid promptly and will be better able to track and account for a sale. An integrated payment option makes selling easy for you and paying simple for your buyer.

How can I charge my buyer without Paypal?

You can opt to not use the Paypal option within your invoices. If you are looking to avoid fees altogether, use our basic invoicing function and then request payment by check or another method like Venmo.

When you create an invoice in Artwork Archive you are able to specify within the “notes” section of that invoice how you’d like to be paid. You can utilize this section to detail how your client should pay you.

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