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How to Create A Report Template
How to Create A Report Template

Standardize your report data settings as a template—and save time.

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You can create a report template with your preferred settings. This features allows you to quickly create—and share—lists of your art, without having to check your custom data settings each time you generate a new report.

How to create a Report Template:

  1. Click into "Reports/Docs" and select the report you would like to generate from the dropdown menu. For this example, we will use an inventory report.

  2. Check the box next to "Save as Template" and give your template a title.

  3. Next, select your preferred data settings by checking the box next to each setting you will always want to include in your reports going forward.

  4. Click "Generate Report."

    *To get more general information on creating reports, click here.

Now, when you are in the Reports/Docs page, click the blue "Templates" button and select your template. All of your data settings will already be selected, saving you precious time!

By creating templates for each of the reports available, you can standardize your communications, which is the most professional and efficient way to share your art with collectors, exhibition partners, and other audiences.

How to delete a Report Template:

  1. Navigate to the Reports page

  2. Click Templates

  3. Click View All Templates at the top of the list

  4. Click Actions to the right of the template you wish to delete

  5. Click Delete

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