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What is the website embed on Artwork Archive?
What is the website embed on Artwork Archive?
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Embedding is the process of adding content from another website or application into your own website by including a code snippet or a link. This allows the content to be displayed within your website without the need for the user to leave your site.

For example, if you want to embed your Artwork Archive portfolio or individual Collections into your own personal website, you would simply copy the Universal Embed Code from Artwork Archive and paste into the correct location on your website's content management system.

Your Universal Embed Code can be found by navigating to My Profile at the bottom of the left-hand menu on your main dashboard and clicking the Integrations tab at the top.

Here is an example of what a Public Profile looks like on and then embedded into a personal art website:

*Artwork and website example provided by Gretchen Warsen from Toddy Pond Designs.

For more step-by-step instructions on how to embed your own Public Profile into your website, check out these Help Docs below:

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