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Creating Sub Locations and Tertiary Locations
Creating Sub Locations and Tertiary Locations
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Location Hierarchy: Sub Locations and Tertiary Locations

While a general location works for most items, there are situations where you need additional specificity about an item's placement. Sub Locations and Tertiary Locations provide the ability to store highly detailed location information in a structured hierarchy.

For example, consider a large storage facility with multiple rooms and bin areas. The location hierarchy could be:

Location: Storage Facility A
Sub Location: Room 2

Tertiary Location: Bin 20

This multi-level organization is useful for precisely tracking items across large facilities, floors, drawers, and any scenario requiring granular location details.

Note: Sub Locations and Tertiary Locations are available only on Organization plans.

Creating a New Location Hierarchy

  1. Click Locations in the left sidebar menu, then New Location

  2. Enter the parent Location name (e.g. "Storage Facility A")

  3. Click Add Sub Location on the right

  4. Enter a Sub Location name (e.g. "Room 2")

    1. For each Sub Location created, you will have the option to add a Tertiary Location to provide another level of nesting once the location record is created.

Add Sub Locations to an Existing Location Record

To add sub-locations and tertiary locations to an existing parent location:

  1. From the Locations page, select the parent location.

  2. Click Sub Locations

  3. Click the blue Add

  4. Click Add Sub Locations

  5. Enter the name for the new Sub Location and click Save

  6. Once a Sub Location is created, you can also add Tertiary Locations by clicking into that Sub Location

Assigning a Piece to a Location from within a Piece Record

  1. Go to Artwork and select the piece for which you'd like to assign to a Location

  2. Click Assign To Location or Loan Out next to Current Location

  3. Choose the Location > Sub Location > Tertiary Location from the dropdown menus and add any other relevant information

  4. Click Save

With Location Hierarchy, you can define locations to any degree of specificity needed for optimal item tracking and organization.

Did you know?

You can include Sub Locations and Tertiary Locations to Reports!

Assigning Multiple Pieces to a Location at Once

  1. Click Artwork, then Bulk Actions

  2. Select Assign To Location or Loan Out from the dropdown menu

  3. Choose the parent location you want to add pieces to from the dropdown menu

  4. Click Next

  5. If you want to move pieces to a Sub Location, select the Sub Location from the dropdown. If assigning to a Tertiary Location, the dropdown option will appear after choosing the sub-location

  6. Fill in any other relevant information like dates

  7. Scroll to select your pieces

  8. Click Assign

Filtering by Location Hierarchy

Once your location hierarchies are created, you can filter artworks by location from the main pieces page.

  1. Click Artwork and navigate to the Filter bar located above your pieces

  2. Click Location

  3. Select the parent location

    • To filter by sub-location, click Location again and choose from the sub-location dropdown

    • To filter by tertiary location, click Location again and choose from the tertiary location dropdown

This allows you to quickly find and view pieces based on their assigned location at any level of specificity within the hierarchical structure you've defined.

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