We recommend uploading your high-resolution images to Artwork Archive for your records. If you choose to have a public profile, the images will automatically be downsized for web-viewing. 

We accept most image types up to 30 mb each and you can upload up to 10 supporting images per artwork record. 

Your high-resolution images will be stored on your artwork record under "original files".

Uploading images one at a time

Click Artwork in the left-side menu. Click the gray + New Piece button.

Click Choose Files and select files from your computer. You can also drag up to 10 detail shots or images from different angles to support that piece from your computer in the Drag Files Here box.

Select an image to make it the Primary Image for the Artwork record. Add in the information about the artwork that you want (only the title is required, but we recommend recording price, size, medium, and a brief description, too). 

Scroll down and hit Create Piece.

NOTE: To change your Currency and Sizing Units to to your account setting under your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner. Select your desired Currency and Sizing Units and click Save Preferences.

Uploading images in bulk

You can add multiple pieces at once with their image and title. 

Click Artwork in the left-side menu. Click the gray Bulk Actions > Bulk Upload button. 

Simply drag and drop multiple piece files to the Drag image files here. You can also click Choose Files and select files from your computer. 

Note: If your images are in iPhoto: First drag your images to a folder in your desktop and then use the bulk upload feature from that 

Each image file will instantly create a new Artwork record on Artwork Archive. After the upload is complete, enter the Artwork information and click Save Pieces. You can also go to Artwork and edit each Artwork to add more information. 

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