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How to Bulk Upload Artwork Manually
How to Bulk Upload Artwork Manually

Manually add up to 20 pieces at a time with our Bulk Upload tool.

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You can upload artwork one at a time or use our Bulk Upload feature and add up to 20 pieces at a time.

With our bulk uploading tool, you can add multiple piece records at once with their primary image and details.

Click Artwork in the left-side menu. Click the gray Bulk Actions > Bulk Upload button.

Select where you’d like to import your images from.

Once you’ve uploaded your images, click ‘Enter Piece Details’. You’re able to add basic information to each individual piece record. Click ‘Additional Fields’ to add even more information.

Click ‘Save all ‘x’ Pieces’ and you will have created multiple piece records!

NOTE: You will not be able to add additional image files to each piece record while you’re in the bulk-uploading tool. Once you’ve created the piece records, you will be able to go back to the specific piece records and add your additional images

*Moving from another system? Have your information in a spreadsheet? We can get that info into your account for you! Check out our Import Service.

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