Why create an Inventory Report?

For Artists: This is a great report to present to galleries and art dealers who want to see your available inventory.

For Collectors: This is a great report to give to your insurance company so they have a record of your Pieces and their value. 

Here's how you can create an Inventory Report:

Click Pieces in the left-side menu. Click the gray Reports button and select Inventory Report. Select the information you would like to include. 

You can click Add all # pieces to include your entire Inventory, or select which Pieces you would like to include and click Move. You may also click on any Selected Pieces and click Move to remove them from the Inventory Report. 

Then click Generate Report. Your report will be generated as a PDF file and fully downloadable in Reports. It will also be emailed to the address you provided for your Artwork Archive account.

Looking for more? Watch this video.

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