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How to insert a hyperlink into an artwork description.
How to insert a hyperlink into an artwork description.

A line of code is all you need to add a hyperlink to the artwork descriptions on your public profile.

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If you would like to include a hyperlink in the text of your artwork description, you can do so by using the html tag: <a href="url">text to be linked</a>.

Why would I want a hyperlink in the artwork description?

An artist with a public profile might want to link out to a gallery where a particular artwork is on view. A collector or organization may want to hyperlink out to an artist's dedicated website—or to their Artwork Archive public profile.

How to use the hyperlink html tag

Inserting a link is easy, you can just copy and paste this line of code into the description field: <a href="url">text to be linked</a>

Once you've added this line, delete "url" and insert the website in quotes.

Then, delete "text to be linked" and write in whatever you would like the hyperlink to read, such as "Visit artist's public profile" (sans quotes).

Here is how the code should look in the artwork record's description field.

And here is how the result will appear on the public profile page of that artwork.

Adding links can increase the viewer's engagement with your art, your collection, or your public profile in general. For more tips on creating a dynamic public profile, take a look at these help docs.

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