Uploading Artwork

Add new piece records one-by-one or up to 20 at a time. Now with our new image uploader, you're also able to upload artwork stored online!

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We recommend uploading your high-resolution images to Artwork Archive for your piece records.

If you choose to have a public profile, the images will automatically be downsized for web-viewing.

We accept most image types up to 30 MB each and you can upload up to 10 supporting images per piece record.

Your high-resolution images will be stored on your artwork record under "original files" at the bottom of the artwork page.

Creating a new Piece Record one at a time.

Click Artwork in the left-hand menu. Click the gray ‘+ New Piece’ button.

To add images to this piece record, click ‘Add images’. You can add up to 10 detail shots or images from different angles to support that piece.

With our new image uploader, you’re able to select if you want to upload your images from your computer, an outside site, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

To upload directly from your computer:

Click 'My Files' towards the top-left of the image uploader.

You’re then able to drag/drop images directly to the uploader or browse from your computer.

If you would like to select multiple images while browsing through your computer, press and hold the ‘Command’ or ‘Ctrl’ key on your keyboard, and click on each image you wish to upload.

Once you have your image(s) selected, click ‘Open’, then ‘Done’

To upload your piece from a Public URL:

Click ‘Web Address’ and enter the URL to a direct image file. Important: the image must be hosted at that URL in order to upload using this method.

To upload your images from Google Drive:

Click on the ‘Google Drive’ icon. Then, click ‘Connect to Google Drive’ Choose the account you’d like to connect to, then click ‘Allow’.

Find the image(s) you would like to upload. To upload more than one image at a time, simply click on all images you would like to add. You should see them as ‘selected’ when you click on them.

Click ‘Upload’, then ‘Done’.

Note: The Google Drive source is not supported by either Internet Explorer 11 or by Safari browsers.

To upload images from your Dropbox account:

Click the ‘Dropbox’ icon.

Click ‘Connect to Dropbox’.

Find the image(s) you would like to upload. To upload more than one image at a time, simply click on all images you would like to add. You should see them as ‘selected’ when you click on them.

Click ‘Upload’, then ‘Done’.

Once your images are uploaded:

Select an image to be the ‘Primary Image’ of the piece record. Fill out all relevant information (only the title is required, but we recommend recording price, size, medium, and a brief description, too).

Scroll down and click ‘Create Piece’.

NOTE: If your images are stored in different places (maybe a couple on your computer, one in Google Drive, and one in Dropbox), you’re still able to upload them to your piece record. Before you click ‘Done’ in the image uploader, you’ll see an option to ‘Upload More’. This will give you the ability to toggle between ‘My Files’, ‘Web Address’, ‘Google Drive’, and ‘Dropbox’ to find and upload all the images needed for your piece record.

How to add videos to your artwork record

To add a Video Link to your piece record, click on ‘Add Video Links’. The platform can support videos from Youtube and Vimeo. Copy/Paste your video link into the top field. You're also able to add a short caption.

Uploading Pieces in Bulk

With our bulk uploading tool, you can add multiple piece records at once with their primary image and details.

Click Artwork in the left-side menu. Click the gray Bulk Actions > Bulk Upload button.

Select where you’d like to import your images from.

Once you’ve uploaded your images, click ‘Enter Piece Details’. You’re able to add basic information to each individual piece record. Click ‘Additional Fields’ to add even more information.

Click ‘Save all ‘x’ Pieces’ and you will have created multiple piece records!

NOTE: You will not be able to add additional image files to each piece record while you’re in the bulk-uploading tool. Once you’ve created the piece records, you will be able to go back to the specific piece records and add your additional images

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